SKY Academy Success for Trinity Pupils!

Well done to Mohsin Renn, Awais Akhtar, Mikey Hyslop, Bradley Keary, Joe Ghanime, Aidan Feeney, SKY1Brandon Lukin, and Kacper Eitner who all completed a full week of work experience with Sky Academy in their Tannochside Branch. Each pupil fully enjoyed their time with Sky where they were able to experience life working in different departments across the organisation. It was an interesting week for all involved which included team activities, learning about the various roles across Sky and expanding their skills to help build confidence.

Call listening proved popular with the pupils as they were tested on their listening and customer service skills. Aidan highlighted a key reason for signing up to the experience as being “the opportunity to see what working with an organisation like Sky was like with a view to applying for a job.”

Mikey said of the Technical Department, “my highlight was working as a team to put together a satellite dish and I found it really interesting finding out all about Health and Safety and being shown around the installation engineers van.”

As a group the pupils stated that they enjoyed all the activities they undertook and felt they were able to utilise and develop various skills such as communication and problem solving skills and really enjoyed team-working activities where they felt the were encouraged and supported to be creative.  We are already looking forward to working with Sky again.



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