Coronavirus Update – 23/03/20

Trinity High School will be closed on Tuesday 24th March 2020 except for children of Category 1 key workers who have no alternative childcare provision.  This is to allow keyworkers to attend their workplace.

Category 1 workers as follows:

  • Health and Care workers supporting Covid-19 response and associated staff.
  • Health and Care workers supporting life threatening and critical primary and community care provision.
  • Energy suppliers.

SLC have also included:

  • Staff providing childcare for other category staff i.e. teachers and all other school staff including facilities staff.

Pupils who are eligible for free school meals will be able to access this provision at any SLC school from 12:00 until 13:30.  Parents/carers accompanying children will also be offered a healthy snack/meal.

SLC are currently planning towards the provision of hub schools to meet the needs outlined above.

All other pupils MUST NOT attend school on Tuesday 20th March 2020.

NO PUPIL should attend school if they have symptoms of Coronavirus or are self-isolating under NHS guidance.

The current situation is constantly under review by both the Scottish and UK GovernmentsSLC and the school are closely monitoring this guidance and will endeavour to provide updates as they emerge.

Home Learning Arrangements

While your son/daughter is at home, on-line resources such as Google Classroom, Sumdog and BBC Bitesize will provide access to resources and revision materials to supplement their learning at home.  Below is a summary of available online resources for specific subject areas and year groups.  An email has been sent to all pupils (gw…, detailing how to access Google Classroom joining codes.  Pupils can access their email by logging into Glow.

Note: Pupils must use their gw******** account if they are attempting to access Google Classroom through the Google Classroom app.   

Whole School Google Classroom
  • Joining codes for various subjects and classes will be available within this classroom and will be updated as more GCs are created.
  • A joining code for this Google Classroom (GC) has been shared via an email to all pupils, sent Friday 20th
  • Pupils are requested to join this GC using the joining code and to check this regularly for new GCs being added.
General Resources
  • Google Classroom has a range of tasks, worksheets for all year groups.
  • Linguascope available for a range of materials.
  • Log on details for Spanish magazines via Google Classroom.
  • Google Classrooms has a range of N5, H, AH Materials.
  • Individual Google Classrooms are available.
  • Google Classrooms for Level 3 and 4 mainly S1-S3.
  • Sumdog is also available
  • S1/2 all course power points, homework and skills book available on google classroom with links to videos.
  • S3 to 6 Revision notes homework and question book on google classroom, also links to SQA, revision videos etc available here with plenty of past paper revision.
Accounting S3-6
  • Google Classroom has a range of notes and tasks
  • SQA website for Past Papers/Marking Instructions
Administration & IT S3-6
  • Teams for a range of notes and tasks
  • Pupils previously encouraged to save tasks to One Drive
Business Management S3-6
  • Google Classroom has a range of notes and tasks
  • BBC Bitesize for notes, tasks and videos
Computing Science S3-6
  • Google
  • W3 Schools for tutorials
  • (CS Fundamentals Express for S3)
  • SQA website for Past Papers/Marking Instructions
BGE Digital Literacy S1/2
  • Google Classroom has topic areas with notes and tasks
  • website can be used for coding exercises
  • BBC Bitesize – Scotland Level 3/4 – Technologies, People in society, economy and business
Social Subjects
  • Google classrooms are set up for S3, S4 and S5/6 classes.  There are a variety of resources available on these online classes and additional resources can and will be uploaded in the lead up to the exams.
  • Pupils can also communicate with the class teacher and ask any questions or queries they may have in relation to content/structure/exam preparation.
  • Additionally pupils are being directed to useful online resources such as BBC Bitesize.
  • Google classroom for Higher RMPS
  • Individual google classes for a variety of year groups
Technical (Graphics/Metalworking/Woodworking)


  • Google classrooms have a range of materials for all levels
  • BBC bite size
  • Design class website
  • Technology Student website
  • SQA past papers
Art and Design
  • Google classrooms have a range of materials for all levels
  • Still life drawings from many object/view
  • SQA past papers
  • Artyfactory website
  • BBC Bitesize
Home Economics

(Practical Cookery/Practical Cake Craft/Health and Food Technology)

  • Google classroom are available and will be updated by staff with resources
  • Practical skills can be improved by trying out recipes – recipe books, online or from google classrooms
  • SQA past papers
  • British Nutrition Foundation Website
  • Google classroom has various materials for studying the Understanding Music concepts for N5 – N7 including all powerpoints used in class
  • Individual class Google classrooms have tips for revision, specifically how to answer exam style questions
  • Revision websites: and contain a vast amount of listening material for pupils to revise
  • Resources on S1 and S2 google classroom for activities
  • Google Classrooms for Drama are populated with revision resources (e.g the Lexicon).
  • Past Papers will be posted in the coming weeks (following practical exams).
  • Homework tasks to aid revision will be set for N5 shortly once paperwork for performance exams all completed.
S3 PE Elective
  • Lesson 1-9 Table Tennis PowerPoints
  • Unit booklets
  • Revision help tools
PE Higher


  • Homework tasks posted for each week
  • Past paper questions from 2015 onwards
  • Badminton & Football course workbooks
  • Exam revision PowerPoints
Sport Development
  • Unit 2 booklet
Sport Leadership
  • Unit 1 – Leadership an Introduction Booklet
  • Unit 2 – Leadership in Practice Booklet
N5/H Dance
  • Choreography reviews
  • Technical/ performance skill PowerPoints
  • Revision PowerPoints
  • Evidence templates
PE S1-3
  • Home workout videos

If your son/daughter has forgotten their Glow/Google Classroom password, parents can call the school and ask to speak to Mr McGowan for a password reset.

SQA Arrangements

Latest SQA updates:

“ Sunday 22 March 2020: As the First Minister has just clarified, given the latest changes in public health advice, no young person with SQA coursework to complete should attend school to do so. We will provide further guidance on the completion of coursework and details of our approach to certification as soon as we can.”

Public Health Advice

The most informative and up to date information and guidance around Covid-19 can be found on the NHS Inform website.

Hygiene & Cleaning

Current advice:

Staff, children and young people should:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and hot water for 20 seconds.
  • Use alcohol-based hand rub where available if you don’t have access to soap and water.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover the nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when sneezing, coughing, wiping and blowing the nose.
  • Dispose of all used tissues promptly into a waste bin. If no tissues available, cough and sneeze into the crook of the elbow.
  • Not attend school if they have symptoms of Coronavirus.

A modified cleaning specification now includes daily sanitising of all touch points such as door handles, push bars, light switches, handrails and desks in all schools/establishments.  This will be supplemented by a regular programme of deep-cleaning of all schools.

Extra-Curricular Activities, Excursions and Events

All planned extra-curricular activities, excursions and events have been cancelled/postponed until further notice.  This includes all trips, parents’ evenings, school shows, S5 Spring Fling and Blackpool Pleasure Beach trip.

This update supersedes all previous updates.

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