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Job overview

The VeryConnect Graduate Apprenticeship program ensures you will benefit from the excellent career growth opportunities available to all of our team. You will be working and learning alongside people a wide range of experience: from other Graduate Apprentices, new graduates, to senior technical professionals with global experience.

We will help you build your career and you will play an active role in shaping our software, with ongoing peer to peer support and mentorship.

What will I learn?

VeryConnect offer you the opportunity to complete your University of Glasgow degree while working in an exciting, rapidly growing company with customers from Edinburgh to Fiji.

Our culture is all about learning and applying the latest web technologies. You will be working with a team of developers who are always learning and are happy to share knowledge. We have a close relationship with the teaching staff at the University and we will ensure that the tasks you are completing will progress alongside what you are being taught in your degree.

After 4 years at VeryConnect you will have attained a full Computing Science or Software Engineering BSc and have 4 years of work experience. The position offers exceptional opportunities for growth and will present you with the chance to build your network and professional experiences.

What qualification or qualities are required?

From day one you will be working with experienced professionals on customer projects utilising a variety of technologies and business skills.

• In your first period of work, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with our software and get to know the team.
• You will also learn how to use our different tools and industry processes with the guidance and support of the team.
• After you get to know the team and software, you will be given the opportunity to work on small features which go live to all of our customers globally. Within the team, everybody has their code and worked looked through by another team member. You will have the opportunity to both review other people’s work and get supportive feedback on your own tasks.
•As your knowledge and skills increase, you will have the opportunity to work on increasingly larger tasks with more challenging aspects.
• You will be working with the latest technologies and experience both writing new software and updating existing software to the latest technology.
• You will be given exposure of other areas of the business and will target your development on what you enjoy most and what suits you best.

Standard academic entry requirements: AAAA/AAABB
Minimum academic entry requirements: BBBB
Other mandatory academic requirements: Higher Maths at B or above is required, and Highers should include two Science subjects. Grades should be achieved by the end of S5.

Candidates who did not achieve the minimum grades in one sitting and are studying towards additional Highers and Advanced Highers in S6 may receive a conditional offer based on a higher entry tariff by agreement with the University.

software engineer

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