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SLC Senior Phase Pupil Engagement

SLC are engaging with Senior Phase learners to evaluate what has worked well during remote learning and to better understand what their next steps should be.

They will be carrying out several planned activities starting with a questionnaire for S4 to S6 pupils to complete.  The questionnaire will remain open from 22nd February 2021 – 28th February 2021.  All Senior Phase learners are encouraged to get involved.


At the end of the questionnaire, pupils will be asked to leave their contact details if they’d like to take part in a follow up focus group. Once this information has been compiled centrally, pupils may be invited to participate in virtual focus groups to take place w/b 1st March 2021.

Finally Senior Phase pupils and parents are invited to follow SLC’s new SQA Support Twitter account.  Among other things, this Twitter account will signpost to a regular Wakelet with SQA related updates for South Lanarkshire’s Senior Phase learners.


Update 19/02/21

As we look forward to welcoming some of our senior phase pupils back into the school on Monday, please take some time to familiarise yourself with the arrangements that were communicated in the update of 17th February.

If you have been following this week’s ministerial announcements you will be aware that all senior phase pupils are invited to take part in Lateral Flow Testing. We are strongly encouraging senior phase pupils who will be attending school over the next few weeks to participate whenever possible. If pupils are learning from home they should not participate.

All pupils attending next week will be given a letter explaining Lateral Flow Testing, a consent form and a privacy note. Pupils in the Hub have already received their letter, consent form and privacy note and do not have to complete another form. Having read this letter and discussed its contents with your child, please return the consent completed form to Mr. Bollen or Miss Kane. Your child will then receive a testing kit. Having read the all the notes and you have any questions, please contact Miss Kane in the School Office or Mr. Bollen.

Update 17/02/21 – Arrangements for Monday 22nd February 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Please find a letter below which outlines the arrangements for the phased return of some Senior Phase pupils from week beginning 22nd February 2021.  Please note that information, such as the day(s) that your child should attend for specific subjects and what practical assessments they will be undertaking, will be communicated directly by their subject teachers via Google Classroom or email in the next few days.

Our one-way system will still be in effect.  When arriving at school, pupils should use the allocated entrance/exit point for the subject/room that they will be attending.  Pupils who attend our school hub should use entrance 4 (Maths) and make their way to their allocated room.

Yours sincerely

Peter Bollen


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Update 05/02/21

I hope this latest update finds you and your family well.

You will no doubt be aware, that the First Minister announced that identified pupils are likely to return to school from 22 February. For our school this is likely to be on a very limited basis for senior pupils to complete practical work for National Qualifications.

The Scottish Government will confirm the final decision on this in 2 weeks. As a school, we are already working on our plans to make sure that our phased return creates the right conditions for young people to achieve their full potential with SQA qualifications. In addition, we have welcomed the extended deadline of 18 June for SQA estimates. We will continue to provide you with ongoing relevant SQA updates.

As we approach the February holiday (8, 9 and 10 February 2021), I would like to thank you for your ongoing support with your child’s online learning. I am aware this can be challenging, difficult and great all in the same day!

However, I would encourage you to try to keep your child fully engaged in all classes when we return after the break. In particular, if you child is in S4-S6 their engagement with remote learning will influence certification. I cannot stress enough the importance of ongoing engagement with their classes. As more details are released in the coming weeks, I will keep you updated.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all the kind words and well wishes that I have received since announcing my retirement last week.

Thank you for your continued support at this time.  Take care and continue to stay safe.

Peter Bollen

Update 15/01/21

As we reach the end of the first week of online learning I would like to recognise the efforts of our young people and the support that their parents have provided during this challenging period of their learning.  It is very gratifying to receive some very positive feedback and praise from our parents in recognition of the efforts of our staff in offering online lessons to their pupils.  Specifically highlighted were:

  • Knowing when their children should be online
  • Knowing that their children had work to do (Even if their child said that was not the case!)
  • The variety of tasks from video recordings to live lessons to google meets – all very helpful in engaging their pupils
  • Vulnerable families receiving IT devices and mifi
  • Efforts to support those struggling (From food bags to simple calls)
  • The calls/contact with Pupil Support staff
  • Being able to contact named staff if they had specific difficulties

I would also like to thank all of our staff for the creative ways in which they have responded and adapted to deliver rich and rewarding remote learning activities and for their unwavering commitment in supporting vulnerable children and those of key workers.  These impressive efforts have involved staff from across all areas of our school community.  I also wish to make mention of the vital work that goes on in keeping in touch with young people and their families. This helps to keep us connected which of course is crucial for everyone’s health and wellbeing and deserves to be commended. I am confident that this will continue during the weeks ahead.

In today’s world where social media has a clock that never stops, we all need to be mindful that we should continue to deliver the best education we can through remote learning and google classrooms during the school day whilst crucially maintaining an appropriate balance between on-line and off-line activity.  Remote learning does not replace the ‘in-school’ experience.  As we know, it involves a combination of ‘live’ interactions between teacher and learners as well as learning that takes place away from the direct presence of the teacher. Online learning is important, but is not the only dimension to our engagement with children and young people.

Google Classroom Codes

We have had a number of enquiries from pupils and parents about Google Classroom joining codes.  Please note that all codes are available within the Whole School Google Classroom.  All pupils were emailed with this code on Thursday 14th along with codes to join classes for Tutor Time, PSHE and Health & Wellbeing classes.  Please encourage your child to check their email and click the invitation links.

School Day Structure

We have also had a few requests from parents asking about the timings of the school day to help with their child’s routine at home.  Please see below for period timings.  We rotate to a ‘Yellow’ week from Monday 18thJanuary.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday (No Period 4 on a Friday)

Session Time Activity

(8.45 – 9.35)

(9.35 – 10.30)

8.45 – 10.30 Teaching & Learning

S1/2 Break 10.05 – 10.15

S3/4 Break 10.20 – 10.30


(10.30 – 11.20)

(11.20- 12.15)

10.30 – 12.15 Teaching & Learning

S5/6 Break 10.30 – 10.40

Lunch 12.15 – 13.00 12.15 – 12.25 S1/2 Access To Dinner Hall
12.25 – 12.35 S3/4 Access To Dinner Hall

12.35 – 12.45 S5/6 Access To Dinner Hall


(13.00 – 13.50)

(13.50 – 14.40)

13.00 – 14.40 Teaching & Learning
4 14.40 – 15.05 Tutor Time

Tuesday & Thursday

Session Time Activity

(8.45 – 9.35)

(9.35 – 10.20)


8.45 – 10.20

Teaching & Learning



(Single Period)

10.20 – 11.20 Teaching & Learning

S1/2 Break 10.55 – 11.05

S3/4 Break 11.10– 11.20


(11.20- 12.20)

(12.20 – 13.05)

11.20– 13.05 Teaching & Learning

S5/6 Break 11.20 – 11.30

Lunch 13.05 – 13.50 13.05 – 13.15 S1/2 Access To Dinner Hall
13.15 – 13.25  S3/4 Access To Dinner Hall

13.25 – 13.35  S5/6 Access To Dinner Hall


(13.50 – 14.40)

(14.40 – 15.30)

13.50 – 15.30 Teaching & Learning

As we enter a new week of learning under the current restrictions and continue to respond to our pupils’ needs it is important to continue to be vigilant, follow the guidelines and look out for each other.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr P Bollen


Update 8/1/21

I hope that you are well and had a restful and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Following the announcements made by the First Minister on Monday 4th January, I am writing to update you with information about the arrangements for home learning, commencing Monday 11th January.  Please also refer to the ‘COVID’ support pages of our website as they contain some very comprehensive information which may be able to answer any questions that you may have.  I thank you for your patience and understanding as my staff and I work through a rapidly changing situation and respond to many challenges that this situation presents.

Learning at Home

We aspire to maintain a full curriculum for all year groups with learning as close to the daily face to face experience as context allows whilst pupils and staff are working at home.

Most of our pupils are now used to accessing lessons via Google Classrooms. Google Classroom will continue to be our platform for delivery of the curriculum and lessons aim to follow our normal school timetable from Monday 11th January, starting with the green timetable rotation.  Subject teachers will track pupil engagement and follow-up any non-engagement via Google Classroom.  Our Pupil Support team will commence courtesy calls to families over the coming week to offer support if required (If you receive a call from an unknown number please consider that it might be a call from the school.)  If you have a urgent support request, you can email your child’s Pupil Support teacher directly.  Email addresses are listed here.

Teachers will use a range of activities such as recorded content, follow-up tasks, written tasks, clips, live stream interaction, video tutorials, voice overs and learning will be delivered in a mixture of these formats.  Teachers will make a decision to either deliver a live lesson at the normal time for the lesson via the Google Meet videoconferencing software, or to provide recordings and other material to enable students to access the work on demand. Either way, the Google Meet link or the work will be available on the day of the lesson and will be set as an assignment on Google Classroom. It is expected that students will attend at the normal time, ready to carry out the work, unless they are unwell. During live lessons the default etiquette is that they are required to mute their microphones and cameras, unless told to do otherwise by the teacher, and should only communicate with other students if asked to do so.  Pupils are encouraged to dress appropriately and follow all instructions, just as they would in lessons. Lessons may be recorded.  We realise that some of our pupils may have to pick up their learning at different times if access to a particular lesson at the scheduled time is not possible.  If it is not possible for them to attend live, they should let the teacher know via Google Classroom in advance.

If the instructions are pre-recorded and available on demand, students may complete the assigned task at a time convenient to them, as long as it is submitted on Google Classroom by the deadline that the teacher has set. We recommend that students follow their usual timetables and carry out the work during lesson time as much as possible, to maintain a sense of routine and to continue with their education to the best of their ability.  All staff expect that pupils engage with Google Classrooms as best as they can.  It is especially important that S4 to S6 pupils take full part in what is being offered to them.

To help manage their work, students can utilise the ‘To Do’ menu within Google Classroom.  This will list all assignments for each of their classes with due dates.  As always, pupils can message their teacher directly within any assigned task if they are have difficulty completing the work.

Further information about learning from home can be obtained from our dedicated Home Learning Arrangements webpage.

Technical support for Glow accounts can be obtained by emailing .  Please state the full name of your child and a description of the technical issue that you are encountering within your message.  Please note that you may be asked a few data-check questions to comply with GDPR.

Our initial allocation of IT for pupils working at home has now been distributed and I am pleased that we can now offer another opportunity to request access to IT.  Please complete the online form by 5:30pm on Monday 11th January to make a request.  Please note that we consider every application very carefully however, due to high demand we must adhere strictly to the qualifying guidelines set out by the Scottish Government.

Senior Phase Assessment Arrangements

As communicated in our updates of 22nd December and 6th January,  the Higher and Advanced Higher assessment period has been cancelled.  Pupils studying subjects at this level will now move to the same model of continuous assessment as per National 5 courses.  We anticipate a further update from SQA in regard to the implications of the most recent lockdown.  The best advice we can provide is that all S4 to S6 pupils fully engage in all activities on offer through Google Classroom.

Thank you very much for your understanding at yet another difficult time and please pass my best wishes to your children.  We are here to help and support our young people through the challenges that they are facing. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if required.

With every best wish,

Mr P Bollen

Update 06/01/21

Following the announcement by the First Minister that all schools will move to On-line Learning, we regret to inform you that the Higher/Advanced Higher Assessment Period has been cancelled.

As the situation unfolds a further update will be made and on-going, in-class assessments will resume when pupils return to school.

All parents/carers have been notified by email if they were successful in securing a place for their child at the Trinity Hub.

All parent/carers who made and application for IT have also be notified by email.  If more devices become available unsuccessful applications may be reconsidered.  Please continue to check our website for updates.

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