For most pupils, though not necessarily all or at all stages, homework is an essential part of secondary education.  In Trinity High School, from S1-S6, pupils are issued with a Homework Diary/ Planner in order for pupils to keep up-to-date with homework assignments.

The amount, frequency and kind will vary according to the course and the age of the pupil.  In the early stages of S1 it is not usually necessary for a pupil who has worked well all day to sit for several hours doing homework.  A reasonable amount of homework, however, consolidates the day’s work and develops habits of discipline and study which will be needed in later years.

As a pupil moves up through the school he/ she matures and develops into an independently motivated student who must be able to plan his/ her work appropriately.  The provision of homework in the earlier stages builds a framework on which this planning can be based.

Regular failure on the part of a pupil to do homework will be brought to the attention of parents.  Any parent who is concerned at the amount or quality of homework should contact the school to discuss the matter.

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