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Parental Letter from the National Clinical Director

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Information Letter from NHS Lanarkshire for the New School Term

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Parental Letter from Our Executive Director

In preparation for your child’s return to school on Monday 16th, please take some time to read the follow letters from our Executive Director, Tony McDaid and NHS Lanarkshire.  These letters detail the latest Covid-19 related guidance and advice that must be followed to help prevent the spread of the virus.

We look forward to welcoming all our young back on Monday.

Thank you.


Letter from Tony McDaid:

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Letter from NHS Lanarkshire:

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S1 and S2 Timetables

In preparation for the return of pupils on Monday 16th August, please find below timetables for S1 and S2 classes.  Please click on your child’s class to view their timetable.  Hardcopy timetables will be available on Monday 16th.

S1 S2
1D1/DA 2D1/DA
1D1/DB 2D1/DB
1D2/DB 2D1/DC
1D2/DC 2D2/DA
1D3/DD 2D2/DB
1D3/DE 2D2/DC
1I1/DD 2D3/DD
1I1/DE 2D3/DE
1I1/IA 2I1/DE
1I2/IB 2I1/IA
1I2/IC 2I2/IB
1I3/IC 2I2/IC
1I3/ID 2I3/IC
1M1/MA 2I3/ID
1M1/MB 2M1/MA
1M2/MB 2M1/MB
1M2/MC 2M2/MB



NHS Track and Trace Update

Please click the link for an NHS Track and Trace Team update.

Parental Letter (2)

NHS Track and Trace

Please access a letter received form NHS Lanarkshire Test and Protect Team by clicking the link.

NHS Parental Letter




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