Home Learning Arrangements

During school closures there is an expectation that all pupils/returning pupils are engaged in online learning.  Google Classroom will continue to be our platform for delivery of the curriculum.


Q. Where do I find Support with Home Learning?
The sections below outline how to access the activities and resources that pupils should use to access their learning at home.

Q. I don’t have any IT to enable access to Home Learning.
The Scottish Government have provided devices for distribution to our most vulnerable families.  You can request access to IT by completing our online form (deadline Monday 11th January 5:30pm).  Please note that we have to strictly apply the criteria set by the Scottish Government when considering all applications.

Q. I’m having trouble Accessing Glow or Google Classroom.
All Glow/Google Classroom access issues should be directed to: gw18trinityictc@glow.sch.uk

Q. I’m having trouble with a specific piece of work.
You can contact the class teacher using Google classrooms (See below).

Q. I’m having trouble setting up the Chromebook or Mifi device that the school provided.
Check out the help sheets on this site: https://sites.google.com/sl.glow.scot/slcremotelearning/home

Q. I don’t know where to start with Google Classroom.
Check out the ‘how to’ section of this site: https://sites.google.com/sl.glow.scot/slcremotelearning/home

Accessing Resources

Pupils can access Google Classroom by logging into Glow.

Note: Pupils must use their gw********@sl.glow.scot account if they are attempting to access Google Classroom through the Google Classroom app.  Step-by-step guide instructions to help with the initial setup of the mobile app can be accessed here.

General Resources


Whole School Google Classroom

  • Joining codes for various subjects and classes will be available within this classroom and will be updated as more GCs are created.
  • A joining code for this Google Classroom (GC) has been shared via an email to all pupils, sent Friday 20th March.  This can be re-requested by emailing gw18trinityictc@glow.sch.uk
  • Pupils are requested to join this GC using the joining code and to check this regularly for new GCs being added.
  • If your son/daughter has forgotten their Glow/Google Classroom password, parents can email gw18trinityictc@glow.sch.uk to request this.  Note: you will be asked to provide some datacheck information via email to comply with GDPR (do not send personal information through Twitter or other social media platforms).
  • Google Classroom Cheat Sheet – A useful guide designed for pupils to reference when using the key features of Google Classroom.





General Resources



Scholar Online Tutor Sessions

These sessions are particularly useful for S4, S5 and S6 pupils.  Previously recorded sessions can also be accessed which focus on specific content. 

Note:  Pupils will require their Scholar login details to access the online tutor sessions.  Pupils can obtain their login details by emailing gw18trinityictc@glow.sch.uk


E-Sgoil (Education Scotland National E-Learning Offer)

E-Sgoil is supporting schools’ remote learning and teaching plans by providing resources and live lessons to young people having to work from home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Pupils will need their SCN number to register.  This can be obtained by logging into Glow and then clicking ‘My Profile’.

Information about BGE (S1 to S3): http://www.e-sgoil.com/esgoilbges1s3/

Information about Senior Phase: (S4 to S6): http://www.e-sgoil.com/seniorphase20/

Register with E-Sgoil:

BGE: https://tinyurl.com/y4hl9hck

Senior Phase: https://tinyurl.com/y23x3bw5


West OS

  • Access to a growing range of recorded lessons, designed to support learners to develop skills, knowledge and understanding related to a key learning concept. Resources are available for BGE (S1-S3) and Senior Phase (S4-S6) subjects. Click on the tile on your Glow Launch Pad to access.

BBC Bitesize


SLC Remote Learning Resources

  • SLC have put together a website to support pupils and parents through the challenges of home learning.  It contains some useful Chromebook and Mifi technical guides, resources and Google Classroom how to’s which are worthy of checking out.
  • https://sites.google.com/sl.glow.scot/slcremotelearning/home

Keeping Track of Assignments

The ‘To do’ view in Google Classroom lists all of your assignments and their status.  You can view the assignments that you still have to do (don’t forget to ‘Hand in’) and the assignments that you have completed.  The list can be filtered by Classroom to help you find an assignment for a specific subject.

Your teachers may have provided some feedback on your completed assignments.  To check this, click on the assignment and check for any ‘Private Comments’.  You should also check for teacher comments in any attach documents.


Contacting Teachers

If pupils need some help with the work that teachers have assigned in Google Classrooms, they can leave a private comment on their assigned task.


Should you have any subject specific queries or concerns, please contact the appropriate PT/FH below:

Subject(s) PT/FH Email
Art/HE/Tech Mrs Moran gw17moranlinsay@glow.sch.uk
RE/RMPS Mrs Marks gw07marksmarie@glow.sch.uk
PE/Dance Mr Durno gw11durnoritchie@glow.sch.uk
Modern Languages Mrs MacLeod gw09macleodclare@glow.sch.uk
Maths Mr Horn gw07hornmichael@glow.sch.uk
Music/Drama Miss Dutch gw07dutchlisa@glow.sch.uk
Sciences Mr Duffy gw07duffyraymond@glow.sch.uk
Social Subjects Mr Nellaney gw12nellaneychristop@glow.sch.uk
English Mrs Simpson
Miss McCann
Business/Computing Mrs Hughes gw08hughesjoanna@glow.sch.uk

Updated 18/01/21

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