National 4 and 5 Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter and the chemical reactions between substances. Chemistry explains the links between the particulate nature of matter and the macroscopic properties of the world. Chemistry research is essential for the development of new products including perfumes, plastics and fuels. The chemical industry plays a major role in Scotland’s economy.
The National 4 and 5 Chemistry Course reflects the Curriculum for Excellence values and principles. Learners will:
Develop an understanding of the role and impact of chemistry in everyday life;
Study relevant applications of chemistry;
Research scientific issues including their impact to the environment and society. 

Higher Chemistry

The Higher Chemistry Course develops and builds on skills, knowledge and understanding from national 4 and 5. Learners will continue to:
Develop curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for chemistry in a range of contexts and understand the relevance of chemistry by studying applications of chemistry in everyday life.

Develop skills of scientific inquiry and investigation;
Develop the ability to think independently, creatively and analytically.

Advanced Higher Chemistry

The Advanced Higher Chemistry course builds on the knowledge and skills developed by candidates in the Higher Chemistry course and continues to develop their curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for chemistry in a range of contexts. Skills of scientific inquiry and investigation are developed throughout the course. The course offers opportunities for collaborative and independent learning set within familiar and unfamiliar contexts, and seeks to illustrate and emphasise situations where the principles of chemistry are used and applied in everyday life. Candidates develop important skills relating to chemistry, including developing scientific and analytical thinking skills and making reasoned evaluations.