Employability Skills Day

Bringing employability skills to life

Our Trinity High School community have come together to consider, select and highlight the employability skills that are most relevant to our pupils and the environment in which they live.

These skills were then used to produce a poster which is displayed in every classroom.

The poster is used as a reference to pinpoint the skills that the pupils are using in the various tasks and activities they are involved in across the curriculum.

The pupils soon appreciate that these are transferrable skills and they actively apply them across all their subjects.

Critical Thinking elements such as problem solving skills are just as important in Business and Computing as they are in Maths and Science. Receiving and Giving Information are fundamental Communication Skills required for a successful Physical Education performer as well as English, Modern Languages and Home Economics. 

The culmination of this skills focussed curriculum is the Trinity High School Employability Skills Day when the pupils get the opportunity to consider their skills.

All S1 pupils undertake various skills based challenges designed to have them consider, and focus on, the skills they have learned in the classrooms of all their subjects. They will consider the subjects where they utilised their INITIATIVE, CRITICAL THINKING, COLLABORATIVE and COMMUNICATION skills and begin to appreciate which ones they show strength in and which ones they need to work on.

Water Transportation Task

Do the pupils have the technical skills to plan and build a water transportation system that will allow water to travel from point A to point B whilst navigating various obstacles?

Water Filtration/Purification

Can the pupils understand the science that enables them to follow the instructions and use the tools required to turn dirty water into something that is safe and drinkable? 


Map reading skills, team work and leadership come to the fore in this challenge. Which team can navigate the course and collect the key points of interest fastest? 

Blindfold Obstacle Course 

The pupils need to work as a team to get their colleagues from one end of the course to the other. The only problem is, the colleague is blindfolded! This requires good listening skills, communication skills, judgement and decision-making skills. But can they rise to the challenge?

Entrepreneurial Business Skills 

Are you a budding Entrepreneur? The pupils are challenged to use their financial/numeracy skills as well as their decision-making abilities to effectively manage and run a hotel to maximise profits. Who can make the most money?

Finally, the pupils can consider all the skills they have used throughout the day and pick their top 5! They can enter their top 5 skills into the SDS My World of Work careers tool which will highlight careers that value these skills most and point out subjects that are relevant to these careers. This can be used to inform their subject choices as they move forward in their school career.