English is a subject that supports the development of core Literacy skills in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening.

Teachers in the English department are enthusiastic about their subject, a passion which transfers into engaging lessons. There are also a number of extra-curricular clubs that the English department offers, with many of these clubs providing opportunities for competitions.

National 4

National 4 is a varied and interesting course that develops the English and Literacy skills that young people require as they move through school and beyond.

All four aspects of English, including Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening, have equal value in the National 4 course and all are compulsory to receive a course award.

The course includes a number of outcomes:

  • Creation and Production
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Added Value Unit


During the Senior Phase, these core skills in Literacy continue to be developed. Pupils will have the opportunity to study more challenging texts as they call upon skills developed in the earlier phases of English.

Working towards National Qualifications requires students to demonstrate their knowledge in three areas:

  • Portfolio of Writing: One example of Broadley Discursive and one example of Broadley Creative. Combined these make up 30% of the final grade
  • Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation: Pupils are provided with a non-fiction text, which they answer understanding and analysis questions on. This area of the course is worth 30%
  • Critical Reading: This consists of a Critical Essay and questions based on a Scottish Set Text studied in class. This makes up 40% of the final grade.


The Advanced Higher English course is a challenging and rewarding course for those who have a love of Literature and Language. It bridges the gap between school and university with small group discussions, presentations and much independent study. 

There are four main areas of work:

  • Literary Study - Pupils write one Critical Essay in the final exam. This area of the course is worth 20%
  • Textual Analysis - Pupils are given an unseen extract from poetry, prose, non-fiction and drama texts in the final exam to analyse. This area of the course is worth 20%
  • Dissertation: Pupils choose two texts (more if poetry) and write a dissertation comparing their similarities and differences. This is then sent off to the SQA to be marked. This area of the course is worth 30%
  • Portfolio of Writing: Pupils will write two folio pieces from the creative and discursive genre. This will also be sent off to the SQA to be marked. This area of the course is worth 30%.