In Geography our S4 pupils will complete the Human Environment unit through an investigation of the urban landscape of Glasgow and how it has changed, this topic will include a fieldwork to Glasgow to improve pupils understanding of the various urban landscapes in Glasgow.  Pupils will then complete the remaining Physical environment topic: coastal features of Scotland and how they are formed.  Our S4 pupils begin to prepare for National 4 and National 5 SQA assessments. At both levels, three units of study are assessed: Physical Environment (Glaciation, Coasts and Weather), Human Environment (Population, Urban and Rural case studies in Developed and Developing countries). The National 4 assessment is completed in class. The National 5 exam is in the SQA exam diet, lasting 2 hours and 20 minutes. Pupils are assessed on all question types. 


In Geography our S5/6 pupils can study National 5 Geography or Higher Geography.  

Higher Geography consists of three units of study: Physical Environment, Human Environment and Global Issues (Health and Climate Change). Pupils demonstrate critical thinking skills and collaborative skills which are key for learning, life and work.