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We held another hugely successful Senior Mental Health Awareness Day, well done to Miss McCleery for organising the day.


Cam Cooney 

Cam had the young people completely engrossed when he was sharing his life story, you could have heard a pin drop! He talked about his own struggles with education and his mental health as a youth and was very relatable to a lot of our young people.  Senior pupils listened intently to the hardships that he had encountered in his life and how after his lowest moment he found meditation which completely changed him as a person. Cam was engaging and our young people really enjoyed listening to him and felt positively motivated by his message of “school doesn’t define you.” 

Inflatable Adventure Run 

The shoes were getting pulled off before the pupils were even in the gameshall at the excitement of the inflatable adventure run!  Lots of laughs and shrieks as the pupils competed against each other to get from one end to the other the quickest. Our young people learned the importance of fun and fitness to boost their mood and release stress during this high energy fun workshop.  


Our senior pupils were engaged during this workshop listening to Jack Alexander from LAMH as they learned more about Mental Health in the Workplace.  Pupils were asked to reflect on the mental health continuum and their own position within that, Jack also highlighted that mental health can change at any given point.  Pupils left this workshop with a greater understanding of some risk factors which can affect a person’s mental health and early warning signs to look out for.   


Our young people LOVED trying out some yoga poses in this fun filled and physically demanding workshop.  The workshop started off by learning about the importance of breathwork to the chemical balance of the body and mind.  Pupils were then guided through some very challenging (for some!) yoga poses. Down Dog, Warrior, Crow Pose, Cobra, Twisted Monkey to name but a few. Pupils embraced the challenge head on and I think a few even surprised themselves at how well they managed.  The session was finished off with a thoroughly relaxing Shabasana – basically a wee nap at the end! Pupils left this workshop feeling thoroughly relaxed and with an appreciation of the importance of movement for our physically and mental wellbeing. 


Our young people were engaged and actively involved in this workshop delivered by SAMH, which was to look at ways in which we can better our mental well-being.  Young people were given the opportunity to engage in group activities surrounding the 5 headings in which to improve mental well-being.  These being Connect, Active, Take Notice, Give and Learn.  Pupils learned about strategies such as the Meditation Bodyscan and the 5 Senses Grounding Technique to help them take notice of their own mental wellbeing.  Pupils left this workshop with strategies that they can use themselves and with a knowledge of support services available to them. 

Trampolines & Climbing Wall 

Hats off (or maybe it should’ve been on!) to our young people who braved the cold and rain for these activities. Pupils enjoyed showcasing their acrobatic skills on the trampolines and their agility on the climbing wall. Our S5/6 (and some teachers 👀) conquered their fears at the climbing wall standing 36ft high!! With different levels our pupils were engaged throughout in an attempt to hit the victory horn at the top. Both workshops highlighted to the young people the incredible benefits of being active and pushing their own limits. Pupils demonstrated resilience by embracing the cold weather! 


Change Mental Health

Senior pupils learned about resilience in this active workshop, which had everyone enjoying a starter task of sculpting things out of play-doh – enraptured silence whilst the pupils were focussed on creating their masterpieces! The play-doh was used as an analogy for resilience as it is adaptable, you can recover and rebuild it and it develops and changes over time.   

Chris' House

The wonderful team at Chris' House came out to discuss online screen time with our young people. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least to discuss the potential harms of spending in the excess of 5 hours of your day online! Our pupils were very responsive, and understood the long-term effects this can cause.


The main event arrived at half past 12, when a trailer full of our furry friends pulled into the school car park. Accompanied by our senior football team down to the pitch, it was anyone's guess who was taking who for a walk. Once Artic Prince and Jubilee (our 2-year-old alpacas) were christened John and Bubba, it was not long before our young people formed a life lasting bond with newest part of the Trinity family. Outstanding session as always!