Our Staff 2022 - 23

Head Teacher Mrs Allison Craig

Depute Heads


Mrs C MacLeod                     Depute - Dunkeld                                         

Mr C McGowan                     Depute – Iona

Mrs D McCulloch                  Depute – Melrose                                              

Mr D Brennan (Acting)                                                                          

Mrs Simpson (Acting)        

Miss McCann (Acting)        

Mr Nellany (Acting)                                      

Support For Learning                  


Mrs J Cox            

Mr A Reilly       

Faculty of Business Education & Computing science


Mrs J Hughes    FH    

Mr I Griffin                                              

Mr B McCarthy             

Miss D Sinclair         

Mr C Rafferty             

Mr M McGhee       

Ms K Davis (AC)          

Ms L Craig (AC)                               

Faculty of Performing Arts


Mrs L Wilson     FH      

Mr D Baddon

Mrs C Swan  

Mrs R Paterson   

Mrs K Koiak                 

Faculty of English


Mrs A Simpson   FH                        

Miss L McCann   FH  

Mrs C O’Neill              

Mrs C Steell             

Ms S McCabe       

Mr S Mitchell            

Ms L Foley                      

Mr G Shearer (AC)

Ms H Milliken (AC)                          

Ms F Fraser (AC)                            

Faculty of Social Sujects



Mrs L Reilly                     

Mr L McGowan                                


Miss E Kilgour  (FH Acting)

Mrs M Stewart           


Mrs S Hunter              

Mrs E Thompson                                    

Mr D Brennan                                    

Mr S Sutherland                                

Miss S Corrigan (Prob)                           

Faculty of Art, Home Economics & Design & Technology


Mr D Melville               

Mrs T Cano                    

Miss S McCulloch 


Mrs L Moran  FH      

Mrs C Cocozza                                

Mr K Malloy (Prob)         


Mr M Fleming   

Mrs K Thomson                                  

Miss D Robertson                               

Miss A Trench                

Faculty of Maths


Mr M Horn    FH       

Mr C McIntyre               

Mrs D Carruthers                                         

Mrs E Hand                                                   

Mr M Wynne              

Mr A Cutler                 

Mrs C Hutcheson                            

Miss C Lovat                                   

Miss E Sweeney         

Mr M Aiton (AC)                             

Faculty Of Modern Languages


Mrs N Somerville  FH                          

Miss C Mooney             

Mrs C Lamarra      

Ms L Stephenson                                

Ms Sarmiento-Maguire (AC)                                      

Faculty of Physical Education & Dance


Mr R Durno FH                                    

Mr M O’Donnell                                   

Mrs G McKenna                                   

Mr M Colgan                                       

Miss E McBrolly                                 

Miss N McCleery                                

Mr J Lyons                                        

Mr S Stewart (AC)                             

Miss A Skillen                                    

Miss R Thompson (AC)                         

Mr G Casey (Prob)                         

Faculty of Religious Education


Mrs M Marks    FH          

Mr B O’Neill                   

Mrs M Chisholm         

Mrs K McHugh                                    

Father Paul Annis       

Faculty of Science


Ms A Smith  

Mrs M Campbell

Mrs F Read  

Dr K Ireland  

Mrs R Campbell  

Ms C Hart (AC)

Ms C McLean (Prob)


Mr R Duffy   FH   

Mrs A Spark

Ms P McEntee

Mr C Black


Mrs C Galloway   

Mr B Duff    

Mr L McSheehy                                                              

Ms M Flynn  (AC)