Physical Education

National 4 Physical Education

Candidates develop and demonstrate movement and performance skills in a variety of physical activities. By engaging in physical activities, learners can demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem-solving. The course also encourages learners to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, and the contribution that physical activity makes to this. Candidates who are being presented for National 4 Physical Education have the opportunity to participate in various activities such as Rounders, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Softball. By doing so, candidates have a platform to develop their confidence, responsibility, resilience and their ability to cooperate with others in group environments both physically and theoretically. The course runs parallel with the National 5 course with two practical periods and one theory period each week.


National 5 Physical Education

Our National 5 course is centred on gaining the skills, knowledge, understanding and experience of investigating and improving an individual’s performance in a variety of activities. The aim is to encourage candidates to develop an understanding of the benefits that participation in physical activities can have on their physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. Throughout the course, candidates have the opportunity to work independently as well as co-operatively with their peers, developing vital skills for learning, life and work in the wider community. The course is made up of two equally weighted assessment components: practical performance in the candidates chosen activities and a written portfolio based on investigating, improving and evaluating performance. Candidates will have two practical periods and one theory period each week. At Trinity, we ensure that personalisation and choice is a core element for candidates to express and explore their own interests and provide them with the tools for lifelong participation in a healthier lifestyle.


Higher Physical Education

Our Higher course follows on from the National 5 qualification through providing opportunities for pupils to develop breadth, challenge and application within Physical Education. Candidates are encouraged to expand on their skills, knowledge and understanding and enhance their performance both physically and theoretically. Candidates develop knowledge and understanding of mental, emotional, social and physical factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities. Through collecting information, candidates consider how these factors can influence effectiveness in performance. They develop knowledge and understanding of a range of approaches for enhancing performance. Candidates select and apply these approaches to factors that impact on their personal performance. Candidates create and implement Personal Development Plans (PDPs), modify these, and justify decisions relating to future personal development needs.