Practical Electronics National 4 and 5

Electronics brings together elements of technology, science and mathematics and applies these to real-world challenges. The course provides progression from experiences and outcomes in craft, design, engineering and graphics, and in science. It provides a solid foundation for those considering further study or a career in electronics, electrical engineering and related disciplines. The course also provides a valuable complementary practical experience for those studying engineering science, physics or other science courses. The electronics industry is vital to everyday life in our society and plays a major role in the economy. It contributes not only to manufacturing, but to other sectors such as finance, telecommunications, material processing, oil extraction, weather forecasting and renewable energy. Within all of these sectors, a wide range of job opportunities are available for people with skills in electronics. The National 5 Practical Electronics course provides a broad practical introduction to electronics. The course encourages candidates to become responsible and creative in their use of technologies and to develop attributes such as flexibility, enthusiasm, perseverance, reliability and confidence.