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Meta-skills – A Skills Model to Drive Scotland’s Future

“Technological and societal disruptions are coming at us thick and fast. Whilst we cannot predict the future, we can prepare for a future that is increasingly unpredictable. A focus on skills and human capital gives us a strong foundation from which to build a sustainable and inclusive Scottish economy. Scotland’s citizens need the skills not only to cope with the change but to thrive in it, and more so to be able to exploit novelty and create change for themselves.” SDS 2018

Ultimately, industry is changing as we move into, what is being described as, a fourth industrial revolution. This is being driven by technological disrupters and means the future of Scotland is changing in terms of jobs and opportunities relevant to this technological revolution. With this new type of job available, the skills required of pupils will be significantly different from the traditional jobs and skills that you and I recognise and understand today.

Watch this video which details ‘Future Jobs and Changing Industry’

Skills serve as the ‘bridge’ between knowledge and performance and it is Trinity’s intention to ensure this ‘bridge’ is bolstered with the solid foundation and support the correct and relevant skills will bring. This will help to ensure this ‘bridge’ leads every learner to a future path of success.

Watch this video to see how we go from classroom to industry relevant skills:

We want you, as a parent, to play a pivotal role in selecting what you think are the most important/relevant skills that should be taught within our curriculum. These skills should help the pupils make the link between what is taught in the classroom and the challenge of what the world of work requires.

We are asking you to help us select the ‘meta-skills’ that will help pupils to make this link and be better prepared for what a future Scotland has to offer.

What are Meta-skills?

Meta-skills are timeless, higher order skills that support the development of additional skills and promote success in whatever context the future brings.

The meta-skills we have to select from are:

-sm -sm1 -sm2

Trinity High School would appreciate if you could take the time to access our short survey. Within each ‘Meta-skill’ category (Self Management; Social Intelligence; Innovation) we would like you to select the 3 sub-skills within each category you feel are more relevant for your child and their school.

Your submission is completely anonymous and parental returns will be collated alongside pupil and staff returns to produce an agreed template of skills to be delivered in each and every classroom.

Click HERE to access the skills survey 

We thank you for your valued contribution.

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