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Pitch 200

ICE are looking for your help! If you’re interested in Civil Engineering why don’t you have a look at the few short videos by clicking the link below. I’m sure you will find them interesting, informative and fun and you can take advantage of the opportunity to vote for the one you think is best.

What is Pitch 200?

Pitch 200 is a competition with a difference.

Pitch 200 challenges civil engineers to use their creativity to explain a civil engineering principle, concept or idea in an accessible and entertaining way, in just 200 seconds!

This year, due to the coronavirus lockdown, civil engineers from across Scotland have turned to everyday objects and the resources available to them at home to create a pitch video.

We are grateful to all who took part and we have a shortlist of three, who have each created a unique video to share their passion and enthusiasm for civil engineering.

Now, we’re asking you to vote for the pitch video you think is the best!

  • Did you learn something?
  • Did the video make you think?
  • Did it make you smile?
  • Do you understand an aspect of civil engineering a little better as a result of watching?

Watch the videos and cast your vote

Voting is free and the poll closes on Monday 29 June 2020.

If, having watched the videos, you have any questions regarding Civil Engineering, Alison Ward of ICE is happy to take them. Perhaps you want to find out about routes into Civil Engineering through the apprenticeship family. Whatever your question Alison is on hand to help and you can contact her on: 

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