Arrangements for w/b Monday 2nd November 2020

As part of our ongoing adaptations to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, all parents received an email on 22nd October detailing our Winter Timetable arrangements.  Pupils have now been issued with a green and a yellow timetable with the new Winter Timetable ‘Green Week’, commencing on Monday 2nd November.  Please ensure that your child checks their timetable and packs the correct resources for their classes.  Black PE kit should be worn to school if your child has PE, as per our current arrangements.

On Friday 30th October, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon unveiled a new five-level coronavirus restrictions system which comes in to play on Monday 2nd November with schools still continuing to be open, a decision based on current national medical advice.  Currently we are operating under Protection Level 3.  The new level 3 guidelines stipulate that all staff and S4 to S6  pupils should wear a face covering in classrooms during lessons as well as when moving around the school and in social areas.  Please ensure that your child comes to school prepared with a face covering.

Parents or guardians should discuss with their GP or clinician whether children with the highest clinical risk should still attend school.

Full details of measures for schools in Protection Level 3 and Protection Level 4 can be found here:  We are working to take forward and implement any changes as swiftly as possible. Our focus continues to be the safety all of our staff and young people who attend our school.

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