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My Climate Path – COP26 Education Legacy

Sustainable Fashion Festival (four phases)

We extend an invite to S5 – S6 pupils in the eight local authorities within the Glasgow City Region to take part in My Climate Path’s inaugural education initiative – the My Climate Path: Sustainable Fashion Festival.

My Climate Path

My Climate Path is a COP26 education legacy initiative for Scotland’s young people created by Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Glasgow, with DYW Lanarkshire & East Dunbartonshire and DYW West, proudly supported by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and funded by Scottish Government. Find out more at

My Climate Path supports the Young Person’s Guarantee commitment to provide every 16-24 year old in Scotland with an opportunity that will positively impact their future.

Working with business, My Climate Path will inform and inspire our young people on the roles and skills required for the jobs of the future that will drive sustainable economic growth in a circular and a net zero economy.

Sustainable Fashion Festival

One initiative under My Climate Path is a Sustainable Fashion Festival, an awareness and engagement campaign for young people around sustainable fashion. We will work with business, schools and the community to deliver a series of events to engage young people in the need for sustainable fashion and the career opportunities within the fashion and manufacturing industries.

There are four phases of My Climate Path’s Sustainable Fashion Festival, each phase builds on the previous but can be attended as standalone events. Key info is listed below but further details are available upon request.

We have a range of circular and sustainable fashion businesses delivering content across all four phases – these include: ACS Clothing, Zero Waste Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), Sustainable Fashion Scotland, Circular Glasgow, Repair What You Wear, ApparelXChange, Remode, Fashion Revolution Scotland, University of Glasgow, New College Lanarkshire and more.

Awareness: Raise awareness in schools and community about the impact the fashion industry has on the climate and the need for sustainable and circular fashion.

    1. Date: See table. Based on demand, additional dates are being agreed.
Industry Expert Offer # Date Day Start Time Finish Time Duration
Apparel Xchange 1 05/10/2021 Tuesday 09:05 09:40 00:35
Zero Waste Scotland 2 06/10/2021 Wed 09:05 09:40 00:35
University of Glasgow 3 21/10/2021 Thurs 10:10 10:40 00:30
Apparel Xchange 4 22/10/2021 Friday 10:10 10:40 00:30
Zero Waste Scotland 5 22/10/2021 Friday 13:15 13:55 00:40
Zero Waste Scotland 6 26/10/2021 Tuesday 09:05 09:40 00:35
  1. Format: live standalone webinar from sustainable fashion industry experts
  2. Target audience: S1-S6 pupils
  3. Platform/Location: MS Teams webinar
  4. Content:
    • Why fashion needs to be more sustainable?
    • What is sustainable fashion?
    • How can fashion become more sustainable?
    • The role of young people in transforming fashion for the better.
  5. Cost for schools: None
  6. Registration: First come, first served via Eventbrite:

  1. Inspiration: Inspiring young people via tours and workshops at ACS Clothing’s facility on fashion/ manufacturing careers and skills pathways; upcycling and garment repair; industry insights.
    1. Date: 10:00-14:30, Mon 25th, Wed 27th, Fri 29th Oct; Mon 1st, Wed 3rd, Fri 5th, Mon 8th, Wed 10th
    2. Format: In-person tour at ACS Clothing’s facility at Eurocentral with live workshops.
    3. Target audience: S1-S6 pupils (ideally those who participated in Phase 1 but not essential).
    4. Platform/Location: ACS Clothing’s facility at Eurocentral.
    5. Content:
      • Acquire garment repair skills
      • Discover ways to upcycle your wardrobe
      • Tour a real circular-fashion operational facility
      • Meet with sustainable fashion leaders
      • Have your voice heard on the future of fashion
    6. Cost for schools: Transport/ bus hire only. Lunch and speaker fees covered by DYW.
    7. Registration: First come, first served via Eventbrite:-
  2. Mindset Shift: Gathering of young people, business and policymakers at a Sustainable Fashion Conference during COP26 to showcase Scotland’s sustainable fashion talent and make connections for future action and career opportunities.
    1. Date: Fri 12th Nov (final day of COP26), time TBC – approx. 10:00-12:30
    2. Format: In-person conference.
    3. Target audience: S1-S6 pupils (ideally those who participated in Phase 1/2 but not essential)
    4. Platform/Location: Sir Alex Ferguson Library at Glasgow Caledonian University
    5. Content:
      1. Educational musical about sustainable fashion
      2. Sustainable fashion catwalk show
  • Live workshops on fabric choices, alternatives to fast fashion and uniform swap-shops
  1. Career/educational pathways insights with graduates, sustainable fashion start-ups and university staff
  1. Cost for schools: Transport/ bus hire only. Venue hire/speaker fees covered by DYW.
  2. Registration: Will open in coming weeks
  1. Legacy: Empowering young people to take direct action towards the sustainable fashion economy to ensure there is a COP26 legacy.
    1. This is the education legacy aspect of the Sustainable Fashion Festival initiative to build on the education and empowerment of pupils.
    2. Legacy projects that will be delivered in Phase 4 are in development with organisations including Zero Waste Scotland, Apparel XChange and Young Enterprise Scotland and will enable legacy projects to be embedded in schools as longer-term actions following COP26.

If this is something you would like to get involved with, give your name to Mr McCarthy ASAP!

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