Extra–curricular Activities

Trinity High School offers a really broad and exciting range of extra-curricular activities which can contribute a great deal to your child’s development, enjoyment and understanding.  They can also contribute to a child’s enjoyment and form the foundation for interests continued outside school or built on in later life.  Everyone has the opportunity to take part in clubs and activities that interest them.

Extra Curricular Program


  • Pop Bands
  • Young Musician of the Year
  • Various Community Performances/Rehearsals
  • Scottish Music Group
  • South Lanarkshire Performance Showcase Events
  • Annual School Show
  • Christmas Pantomime
  • Lunchtime Practice Groups – Drop-in Session
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble
  • Junior Voices
  • Wind Band
  • Supported Study

Physical Education

  • Gymnastics
  • Trampolining
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Athletics: Cross-country
  • Dance
  • Sports Leaders’ Activities (organising tournaments)
  • Athletics – Training
  • S1 /S2 Football Coaching
  • S1-S6 Boys Football teams
  • Football (boys and girls)
  • Lunchtime Activities
  • Netball
  • Volleyball


  • Lunchtime Club
  • Theatre Visits
  • Young Performer of the Year
  • Supported Study
  • Christmas Pantomime

Supported Study

  • Offered by almost all departments at lunchtime and after school


  • Community Work – Rutherglen Care Home
  • Eco Group Duke of Edinburgh Award – Bronze and Silver

Support for Learning

  •  S1-S3 Homework Club
  • Mentoring – S6 group for paired reading project


  • London – two trips
  • History/Modern Studies Trip
  • Theatre Trips
  • Geography Field Trips – Dynamic Earth and Glasgow City
  • Trip to Madrid (Biannual)
  • Science Centre Trip
  • Visit to Auschwitz
  • RE Retreats
  • Science Trips
  • Activate Trips
  • Career Fair Visits
  • Etihad Stadium Trip/Stadium of Light

Religious Education

  • Mass Club
  • Pro-Life Group (summer term)
  • Day Retreats Fund Raising for SCIAF Charity Work/Various Activities
  • Caritas Activities
  • SSVP Leadership Group (Work for Ozanam Centre, Annual Food Bank Appeal)

Art Department

  • The Art Dept runs an open door policy for its young artists. Some come along and take part in competitions, some work on class work and others create their own unique pieces.
  • S1/2 Art Club

Science Department

  • S1 Science Club
  • S1 Science Centre visit
  • Science Trips (various year groups, eg, Hunterston, Science Centre)
  • S6 University visits
  • Go4SET
  • Nuffield Science Bursary
  • Crest Awards
  • Lunchtime Supported Study
  • After-school supported study
  • Easter Revision Classes
  • “Top of the Bench” and “Scrub up in Science” competitions


  • S1-S6 year groups enjoy discos and all pupils are welcome to attend – provided their general behaviour is satisfactory and they regularly wear school uniform.

Enterprise Groups

  • Apart from making money, the group also learn the very practical skills of planning, decision making and negotiating.


  • Most departments frequently enter pupils for competitions.

Home Economics

  • Enterprise Activities, eg, Easter Raffle, Valentine’s Day Chocolates
  • Various practical activities with parents/guardians
  • National Vegetarian Week
  • Fund Raising Activities

Modern Studies Department

  • Movie Club
  • Trips to Scottish Parliament
  • Homework Drop-in Club – lunchtimes
  • Supported Study

History Department

  • Educational Visit to the Mitchell Library
  • Supported Study and lunchtime drop-in
  • Trips to Edinburgh Castle

Geography Department

  • Supported Study
  • Trips to Glasgow and Calderglen

Maths Department

  • Enterprising Maths
  • UK Maths Challenge (Junior and Intermediate)
  • Jaguar Motion Challenge
  • Supported Study
  • Golf Competitions

Business Ed/Computing

  • Supported Study offered for all subject areas
  • S2 Hacking and Coding Club
  • “Open Door” policy for all students regarding support for faculty subjects
  • Young Enterprise

English Department

  • Literacy Leaders
  • John Walker Competition
  • Public Speaking Competitions
  • Writing Competitions
  • ‘Real Guide to Trinity’ Group
  • Book Club
  • Supported Study
  • Homework Club
  • Debating Club
  • Camglen Radio

Modern Languages Dept

  • Access to computer for printing off projects
  • Homework assistance at lunchtime and after school
  • Staff available to help with projects/matters relating to Modern Languages
  • Drop-in Lunchtime Recording Club/practical speaking
  • Supported Study
  • Biannual trip to Spain
  • Cinema Trips (S1 & Higher)

Trinity TV

  • Staff/pupil group promoting the school through small media inputs.

Senior Students

  • Senior school students have the opportunity to apply for the position of School Captain, House Captain, Enterprise Captain, Communication Captain, Sports Captain and School Prefect. These positions offer students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and qualities through participating in a range of whole school activities. All students have the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of whole school committees such as Prom, Yearbook, Uniform, Publicity, Fundraising etc.

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