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Staff will be in Trinity High School from 10am until 2pm on Tuesday 6th August, if you would like to discuss your results with a member of staff. For further information, please follow the link below:

Post Result Service

Prelim Timetable 2020

SQA Exam Diet 2020

Supported Study Timetable

Please note that supported study transport will begin on 21/10/2019

Supported Study Bus Routes

Easter Revision Programme 2020

Information for Students

A guide to exams and study skills for students

Information for Parents

All parents, carers and guardians want their children to achieve to the best of their ability and do as well as they can in their exams.  The following booklet is intended to help you to become better informed about the examination and assessment procedures and to provide useful information, advice and guidance about the steps you can take to help your child revise and prepare for the exams.

A guide to exams and study skills for parents

Useful Resources

BBC Bitesize


Glow / Google Classroom


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