Champions for Change

Pupils and staff at Trinity High School are fully committed to addressing the issue of sectarianism.  Our Pupil Council have drawn up an Anti-sectarianism Charter and have been engaged in a number of workshops and activities to implement its’ aims.

Anti-Sectarianism Charter


  1. No Sectarian songs or sectarian language in our school
  2. Negative behaviour towards peoples beliefs isn’t tolerated
  3. Football Supporting =    YES!
    Football Sectarianism = NO!
  4. No Football Colours


Being sectarian in Trinity is the same as being racist or discriminatory in our eyes.  If you break our rules you will be sent to a Senior Member of Staff, continue to do this then you will be sent to the Head Teacher, receive a visit from the Campus Police Officer and possibly excluded in some cases.

What You Should Do?

If you see or hear sectarian incidents in the school, report it to a member of staff and don’t get involved.

Why We Created this Charter?

Trinity Pupils created this charter to encourage the School, the Church and the Community to be less sectarian, more open minded about people’s beliefs and to learn the consequences of sectarian actions in our School.

Sectarianism – Champions for Change Pupil Presentation


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