Pupil Support Contacts

Our Pupil Support staff have been conducting courtesy calls to many of our families.  If you receive a call from an unknown number please consider that it might be a call from the school.

They are keen to help if you are having to deal with pastoral or any personal matters. South Lanarkshire Council has established a number of services, helpline and systems to help our young people and families get through this. We can put you in contact with them and with other groups and organisations who will be able to help.  Our Pupil Support staff can be contacted by email at the address below:

House Group Registration Class PS Teacher Email
Dunkeld 1D1, , 2D1, 2D2, 3D1,  4D1, 4D2, 5D1 Mr Colgan gw11colganmartin@glow.sch.uk
1D2, 1D3, 2D3, 3D2, 3D3,  5D2, 5D3 Mrs MC Campbell gw07campbellmaryclar@glow.sch.uk
Iona 1I1, 2I1, 2I2, 3I1, 4I1, 4I2, 5I1, Mrs McHugh gw16mchughkaren@glow.sch.uk
1I2, 1I3, 2I3, 3I2, 3I3, 4I3, 5I2, 5I3 Mrs R Campbell gw15sheridanrachel@glow.sch.uk
Melrose 1M1, 1M2, 2M1, 2M2, 3M3, 4M1, 5M1 Mrs O’Neill gw07oneillcarly@glow.sch.uk
3M1, 3M2 Mr J Lyons gw18lyonsjack@glow.sch.uk
S6 6D1, 6D2, 6D3, 6I1, 6I2, 6I3, 6M1 Mr Daly gw07dalyfrancis2@glow.sch.uk

Updated 29/04/22

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