English – National 4

This course develops the core literacy and English skills of reading, writing, talking and listening by studying and creating a wide variety of texts including novels, short stories, plays, poems, films, TV programmes, adverts, blogs, websites, journalism and biographies.

Students will complete two units:

1. Analysis and Evaluation

By reading and listening to a variety of texts, students will develop their ability to identify main ideas and supporting detail, deconstruct features of written and spoken language, and judge how effective these are.

Unit Assessment:

    • Reading a passage and answering questions
    • Listening to a text and answering questions

2. Creation and Production

By experimenting with a variety of styles of writing and speech, students will develop their skills and abilities in creating informative, discursive and creative texts.

Unit Assessment:

    • Produce one piece of creative or discursive writing
    • Perform a solo presentation, take part in a debate or group discussion

These unit assessments will also overtake the assessment standards for National 4 Literacy.

Course Assessment

In addition to passing all of the unit assessments above, learners must complete an Added Value Unit.

This is an assignment which allows learners to demonstrate their language skills in the contexts of literature, language or media by investigating a chosen topic.

It involves learners selecting main ideas and supporting detail from two or more texts, evaluating these texts, and then presenting their findings orally or in writing.

This can be presented in:

    • An extended piece of writing in the form of a critical essay, an informative essay, an argumentative essay or a report of 700-800 words.


    • An oral presentation. The talk should be at least five minutes long, not including questions and delivered to an audience of at least three.

Learners will also be required to answer questions orally on their chosen topic.

The Added Value Unit will be marked on a pass/fail basis.


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