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There are apprenticeships that are available to select, much in the same way you would select a subject when moving in to 5th year. You can select an apprenticeship of your choice which will allow you to stay on at school as it would run as part of your on going school course of study. These are Foundation Apprenticeships and would mean pupils picking up College based lessons and work placement experience on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The rest of the school week would remain the same for pupils to work towards their Nationals and Highers.

There are Modern Apprenticeships and Graduate Level Apprenticeships – find them all here!

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Learn the skills you need for the future whilst you’re still at school.

 Where could a Foundation Apprenticeship take you?FA PATHS

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Apprenticeships help you build the experience and skills that employers want to see!

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What’s so great about apprenticeships anyway?App.scot1

Become an apprentice3 Work,earn and learn and get the skills you need.

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Graduate level apprenticeships are a brand new way to work, learn and earn

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Get a job. Get paid. Get a degree too!

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