Present The Best Version of You!

You may be applying to university or college or perhaps you plan on going straight into the world of work.

Either way, you will be constructing and writing personal statements, completing application forms, issuing CV’s and/or attending interviews. Regardless of the next step you take, you will want to be sure you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity for success by presenting the best version of you!

Thanks must go to Clyde Gateway, who asked Perceptive Communicators, their PR and Communications partner, to produce a video offering advice and giving tips on how to present the best version of yourself.

Perceptive Communicators are experienced specialists providing PR, interim communications support, marketing, public affairs, research, media training, employee communications, reputation management & crisis communications support, event management and digital and social media support throughout Glasgow, Scotland and the UK, making them a fantastic source for the correct support and advice on skills and techniques.

Click the image below to access the 30 minute video.

Perceptive Communicators




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