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Investing in Futures

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a real sense of confusion and uncertainty for students, with question marks raised over the state of the employment market and future career prospects.

To counter this, the Early Careers team at HSBC have created a series of bite-sized virtual events and material all with the aim of developing your soft skills. This is designed to give confidence on employment prospects, mythbust common recruitment misconceptions and target key employability skills to give you an advantage when looking for a career.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

We are still live with various Foundational Apprenticeship opportunities within our Branch Network. To view and apply, visit UK Apprenticeships page. Applications are open until 12th of December.

A taste of success – Work experience

HSBC 2022 Work Experience placement opportunities will be going live week commencing 13th December and students will be able to view and apply via our Work Experience page.

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The zoom webinars will all be free to attend and are safeguarding compliant. Please register in advance via the provided links. Spaces are limited, and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

December – 12 Days of Winter Work Skills

Soft skills play a critical role for creating and growing professional career. They help to build relationships and solve day to day situations within the world the work. For full exploration please see pdf attached:

¨      Day one Resilience – The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and toughness

¨      Day two Communicating with impact – Conveying a message so the recipient believes and supports your message

¨      Day three Networking – Building working relationships with others

¨      Day four Adopting a Growth Mindset – Believing that you can improve skills over time

¨      Day five Creativity – Using your imagination to come up with new ideas

¨      Day six Feedback – Sharing constructive comments on performance / behaviours

¨      Day seven Problem solving – Working out the solution to an issue

¨      Day eight Leadership – Inspiring and encouraging others to achieve and progress

¨      Day nine Emotional Intelligence – Understanding your emotions to manage stress and form stronger relationships with others

¨      Day ten Being proactive – Actively coming up with solutions and seeking learning opportunities

¨      Day eleven Time management – Using your time effectively

¨      Day twelve Embracing change – Accepting change and helping it be a success


13th January at 5pm – 6pm – How to stand out?

Opportunity to get an understanding of what a CV should look like, hints & tips to help you stand out from the crowd. To register click here.

February – National Apprenticeship Week

Panel Event with Apprentices, Degree Apprentices – An exploration of various career routes that are available for a career at HSBC. More detail to follow

17th March  at 6pm – 7pm – How to stand out?

Opportunity to get an understanding of what a CV should look like, hints & tips to help you stand out from the crowd. To register click here.

13th April at 5pm – 6pm – Commercial Awareness

A session that will help you understand what commercial awareness actually is, both on a small and large scale, alongside helping you to begin building this essential life skill for world of work. To register click here

May – Wellbeing

June – Transition workshops

July– Graduation Apprentice story

August – Resilience Growth Mind-set

Financial Education

Financial Education team at HSBC UK has worked with schools for over 30 years, helping young people to learn about money and give them access to the skills they need for everyday life. For further information and resources please visit:

Find out more here!

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