English – National 5

This course develops the core literacy and English skills of reading, writing, talking and listening by studying and creating a wide variety of texts including novels, short stories, plays, poems, films, TV programmes, adverts, blogs, websites, journalism and biographies.

Students will complete two units:

1. Analysis and Evaluation

By reading and listening to a variety of texts, students will develop their ability to identify main ideas and supporting detail, deconstruct features of written and spoken language, and judge how effective these are.

Unit Assessment:

    • Reading a passage and answering questions
    • Listening to a text and answering questions

2. Creation and Production

By experimenting with a variety of styles of writing and speech, students will develop their skills and abilities in creating informative, discursive and creative texts.

Unit Assessment:

    • Produce one piece of creative or discursive writing
    • Perform a solo presentation, take part in a debate or group discussion

Candidates must pass all unit assessments in order to be presented for the exam.

Course Assessment

Coursework – Writing Portfolio 30 marks

The portfolio will assess learners’ writing skills and will comprise one discursive and one creative piece.


Section 1: Reading for understanding, analysis, and evaluation 30 marks

Learners will read one unseen, non-fiction text and answer questions to demonstrate their skills in understanding, analysis and evaluation.

Section 2: Critical reading

Part A: critical essay 20 marks

Learners will pick one question and write a critical essay on a text previously studied.

Part B: Scottish texts 20 marks

Learners will pick one extract from a previously studied Scottish set text, and answer questions about the extract and their wider knowledge of the text or group of texts.

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